RCC Group is Russia’s first full-cycle information agency that focuses on the chemical industry sector. The agency was created in 2001 as a Russian-based company with European participation to provide world-class information, analytical and advertisement services to Russian chemical industry firms.

Main offices: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Cologne.

Key focus areas: production of specialized print-based and electronic publications; advertising, marketing, market reseach, investment consulting.

Among the well-known brands created by the company are The Chemical Journal, the rccnews.ru daily newsfeed, the analytical division RCC Intelligence Unit, the Moscow International Chemical Summit, and the Russian Congress of Plastic Converters.

Rccnew.ru portal
The rccnews.ru portal is the only sector-oriented publication in the Russian Internet that has daily updated newsfeeds in English and Russian. The portal publishes up to 20 news reports and reviews each day. Thanks to its daily work in the chemical and polymer production news sphere, the agency has accumulated over 90 000 documents related on a wide variety of topics associated with the market – on the global, European, Russian and CIS levels – going back to 2001. The editorial board has a unique experience of monitoring print- and web-based media and a system for reviewing the authenticity of data.

Rccnews.ru: the Russian newsfeed
The newsfeed is created by a team of writers who rely mostly  on primary sources and thanks to this the feed is cited by other primary-level market-oriented publications, as well as by the majority of secondary-level specialized web publications. The electronic newsfeed has more than 18000 subscribers in Russia and other countries. There is a paid personal subscription for those who wishes to receive Russian-language news about the global chemical market. The news about the Russian market are published free of charge (open-access). The editorial board obtains news for the digital newsfeed on a daily basis directly from manufacturers, dealers, distributors, research centers, and Russian and foreign vendor firms. The editors regularly check the authenticity of the sources by personally contacting the staff of the companies that provide the information. Thus, there is efficient feedback with all the sources.

Rccnews.ru: the English newsfeed
The English-language newsfeed covering the Russian chemical industry market has been online for 12 years with daily updates. The website has 9 000 core subscribers who receive the English-language news digest over the email. (Subscribe to the digest). Furthermore, there site provides paid access to English-language newsfeed covering the Russian/CIS chemical market. The daily updated newsfeed covering the Russian market’s events is unique and provides a vital source of information about events in Russia to a wide circle of investors, manufacturers and financial structures in Europe and other regions of the globe.

The Chemical Journal
The largest chemical industry-oriented publication in Russia and CIS. The list of subscribers includes managers of companies and plants, leading specialists of the sector, as well as specialized scientific and central libraries. Under a targeted subscription scheme, the Journal is delivered monthly to the heads of industrial regions, heads of economical departments at Russian ministries, and deputies of the State Duma of Russia. The publication features the latest technologies and new materials and explains their use. It also provides reviews of raw material and processing product markets, analyzes the key trends in the basic sectors of the chemical industry, and presents forecasts of possible future developments. The key features of the publication distinguishing it from its counterparts in the industry press market are its analytics-based approach and orientation towards the top management tier as its key readers:  the authors analyze the market situation in a way that delivers the most relevant information to the reader who considers the possible expansion of their business or some other strategic step.  The Journal regularly exchanges information with the world’s largest publications,  and is sold in 25 countries.

Moscow International Chemical Summit
The Moscow International Chemical Summit is the largest forum event of the Russian chemical and petrochemical industry. The event has gained a strong reputation among the leading companies of the sector. RCC Group is one of the key organizers of the Summit. Among the list of participants is the Government of the Russian Federation, the Moscow Government, representatives of the State Duma, and heads of industrial ministries of the CIS countries. The list of the Summit’s deputies includes CEOs of plants and companies, regional governors, leading representativs of the chemical industries of the CIS and Baltic states, heads of business associations, academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as Heads of Western companies operating in the CIS markets. The Summit was first held in 2004. In 2014 it was held for the 10th time.