All speakers are requested to provide the following information: full name, full company name, position, short biography and photo.

Requirements to files and their names:
1. For names of files (abstracts, presentations and photos), use Latin letters.
2. File names must contain delegate name, company name and category.

Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich-Company Name.ppt
Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich-Company-Tezis.doc
Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich-Company-Foto.jpg
Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich-Company-Video.avi

Requirements to presentations:
1. Format: *.ppt
2. Size: up to 20 slides (optimum: 10 slides).
3. The first slide must show a title, speaker’s name, position, company name, congress title and logo.
4. The last slide must contain speaker’s contact information.

Requirements to abstracts:
1. Format: *.doc
2. Size: 0.5–2 standard Word pages (single line spacing, 12 Times New Roman or 10 Arial).
3. Abstract should briefly define a problem and suggest an approach to its solution based on the report.

Requirements to photos:
1. High-resolution photos appropriate for printing (image size: no less than half a PC monitor; or file size: no less than 300 KB).
2. Genre photos are welcome (hands visible; things held in hands; on the move; half-turn position).
3. Several photos could be sent for selection.

Requirements to oral presentations:
1. Presentation title: no more than 15 words.
2. Oral presenters will be allowed 15 minutes and 5 minutes for questions and discussion.
3. It is not recommended to combine heterogeneous subjects (for example, review of company’s projects and specifics of polymer manufacturing processes).
4. Consecutive oral presentations by two delegates from one company are not provided for.
5. Presentations not agreed with the organising committee of the congress might be excluded from the programme.
6. Presentation should contain characteristics of market situation (for example, if a project for manufacturing a product for a regional market is discussed, the size of the Russian or global market for the product as well as actual market trends should be mentioned).
7. Presentation should specify the urgency of the problem solved (is the development (product) strategic; does it affect adjacent sectors, or substitute imports; etc.?).
8. Presentation should specify the place of the development (product) in the production chain.
9. It is recommended to mention problems related to marketing, capacity expansions and applications of the product; guidelines for market players/authorities for the recovery of the full chain are welcome.

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